It's shaping up to be a good month for our 16th president: Abe Lincoln turns 204 on Tuesday, and on Feb. 24, Steven Spielberg's biopic seems poised to take home a handful of Oscars. Let's celebrate the old rail-splitter with this look at five TV Lincolns.

1. LINCOLN CASE (Glen Corbett on "Route 66," 1963-64) -- A Vietnam War vet (TV's first) who became the substitute traveling companion of Tod Stiles (Martin Milner) after his original partner (George Maharis) left the series.

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2. LINCOLN "LINC" HAYES (Clarence Williams III on "The Mod Squad," 1968-72). One of the trio of youthful lawbreakers (he had been arrested in the Watts race riots) who became undercover LAPD officers.

3. MATT LINCOLN (Vincent Edwards on "Matt Lincoln," 1970-71). A hip psychiatrist who founded a telephone hotline service for troubled teens.

4. LINCOLN BURROWS (Dominic Purcell on "Prison Break," 2005-09). Accused murderer who will be executed unless his brother's elaborate plan to spring him from jail succeeds.

5. SEAN AND BEVERLY LINCOLN (Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig on "Episodes," 2011- ). British husband-and-wife TV-writing team who move to Hollywood to write a series for Matt LeBlanc.