Crystal Bowersox singing "Me and Bobby McGhee" next on "American Idol." Gets Miley Cyrus to sign her guitar -- Miley tells her to push herself more, which is exactly right.

It's a great choice, fits her voice perfectly, just nice to listen to. She's stretching it out a bit, not totally creative, but her raw tone really comes through, pushes the pace in the second half. It could've been a great moment, instead just another strong performance from Crystal. Audience goes wild, though.

Randy loves it, "that's what's called being a star," says she slayed it, "I'm so happy now." Ellen says you're always great, need more connection with the audience though. Kara says you're performing better, maybe put the guitar down; Crystal says she just told Ellen she has big plans for next week....

Simon says don't change anything, as good as Pink's version. Loved it.

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