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CHINA BEACH: $200 DVD for 21 discs, StarVista
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CHINA BEACH: $200 DVD for 21 discs, StarVista (at TimeLife.com)

ABC's entire 1988-1991 series of a Vietnam war nurse and her battlefield community hits DVD in a hard box holding four season sets of career-making work. Dana Delany ("Body of Proof") was the soulful central caregiver, with Marg Helgenberger ("CSI") as the earthy wartime "entrepreneur," finding themselves as they served men fresh off the battlefield. Producer John Wells and director Rod Holcomb would go on to mold "ER," but their earlier success here endures, delivering sensitive human drama, first and foremost, while allowing those stories to illustrate the cultural, political, life-changing landscape that was the Vietnam War. More than 10 valuable hours of extras include a 45-minute roundtable on the show's creation, last December's 25th anniversary reunion, cast-crew commentaries, reflective interviews/featurettes, and a half-hour on the real-life facility at China Beach. (And yes, the soundtrack's original 300-plus pop songs are here!)(Credit: Handout)

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