Thank heavens Kate Gosselin sticks around.

I'd weep without her on "Dancing with the Stars" - absolutely my favorite contestant of all time. Period.  No argument. It got close last night. Her or Buzz...Her or Buzz...or Jake...Jake! WTF was that about? Mr. Bachelor better not be going anywhere this early either. 

  I'll miss, Buzz. Truly. But really, what did he do to deserve any fame? Why should he be here when you've got real heroes like Pam Anderson, a de-clawed Pussycat Doll, or some guy who chose Vienna (or someone; God, I don't remember. Do you?)  

 Here's why it's essential Kate stays until the end: She is fodder for comedy, of course. Check out NOW Jimmy Fallon's brilliant mockery from last night's show. It will make your day...Next post..."Idol." 

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