Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!

Entourage 8/1: Some random thoughts

Mrs. Ari lays it on the line with her husband, Ari Gold, in this clip from the Season 8 premiere of HBO's "Entourage."

Some random thoughts after two watchings of the Season 8 premiere of "Entourage."

- When did Sloan and E break up?

- Telegraphed as it was, it still hurt to hear Mrs. Ari tell Ari Gold that she's been seeing someone else. Piven nailed the emotional look, too.

- E struggled to leave Sloan a message on her cell phone, trying multiple times to record a voicemail. Any guess as to which one went through? We'll hear about that next week or the week after is my guess.

- Anyone else catch the John Tavares Islanders jersey hanging in the office of Eric Murphy, played by Kevin Connolly, the Long Island native and 1991 Patchogue-Medford homecoming king?

- Scott Caan is still hilarious as E's business partner.

- $30K for an engagement ring? Dang!

- Maybe that's how they do it in L.A., or maybe not. Either way, the fans outside the rehab center with signs and such for Vince's release may turn out to be the lamest moment in "Entourage" history.

- We need more "Johnny Bananas" clips. Please, spin it off into something legitimate, even if for just a few episodes.

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