Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!


Entourage 8/7: Best printable line

Johnny Drama, played by actor Kevin Dillon, in

Johnny Drama, played by actor Kevin Dillon, in a scene from Season 7 of "Entourage." (Credit: HBO)

Johnny Drama came out of the gates swinging big. While Vince was interviewing his past girlfriends on camera, Drama recognizes one of the women as the younger sister of a girl he used to date.

The sister asked to see how Drama was doing, and Turtle suggested that it was because she wanted to trace back the source of her herpes. A typical joke between friends, but Drama retorted perfectly for the best printable line.

"But at least I get laid often enough to be a suspect."

Season 8 Big Knish Standings

Johnny Drama 3
Eric Murphy 2
Ari Gold 1
Billy Walsh 1