Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!

More video of Sloan from 'Entourage'

Emmanuelle Chriqui first got a part on 'Entourage' in its second season for a three episode arc. Six years later and she's still on the show. The actress talks about the show's finale and rumors of an 'Entourage' movie. AP video. (July 18)

OK, fine, the previous post has video of actress Emmanuelle Chriqui talking about her role as Sloan on "Entourage," but I don't hear anyone complaining if we go back-to-back here.

In this video, she says a lot of what you may have seen in the previous video, but hey, she's wearing a different outfit this time! And it includes a few clips from Season 8. So once again, I don't hear anyone complaining.

And for more fun, there's a photo gallery below to click through after you're done with the video. iPad and iPhone users can just click the video icon to watch the clip. By the way, the "Entourage" blog is now available on our iPad and iPhone app. Download it here if you wish.

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