Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!

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I write in too many blogs to create individual profiles for each. So, whether you get roped into my musings on pop culture, "Entourage," mixed martial arts or the NFL, here are some things you should know about me:

1) No one's meatballs are as good as your mother's. It's undebatable.

2) "The Godfather III" and "Rocky V" get a bum rap. They're not nearly as bad as people make them out to be.

3) Randy "Macho Man" Savage is the forgotten man when it comes to old-school pro wrestling discussions.

4) If YouTube stopped existing, it would create quite a problem for us. How would we waste time at work? Where would all the things we push off until later go?

5) The hug in the ocean between Rocky and Apollo in "Rocky III" makes absolutely no sense, but it's impossible to change the channel when it comes on.

6) MTV doesn't need to play more videos, just create more channels that play videos.

7) Just chill to the next episode.

8) When is someone going to create a garlic-scented cologne? Or perhaps a hand cream of some sort?

9) ADA Jack McCoy would kick ADA Ben Stone's patoot any day in court, but Paul Robinette would smoke Jamey Ross, Abby Carmichael, Claire Kincaid, Danielle Borgia and Connie Rubirosa.

10) I nearly dumped a girlfriend who thought my clapping in 1995 when Don Mattingly finally reached the playoffs was "childish."

11) Lauren Conrad. I'm just saying.

12) Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday? And if you're busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay.

13) What's up, guy?

14) Victory!

15) Seeing Red Sox fans wretch at the mention of Wade Boggs on the horse in the Yankee Stadium is almost as funny as the episode of "Cheers" when Sam Malone and the rest of them "pantsed Wade Boggs."

16) I believe that after your favorite player retires or gets traded or signs elsewhere, there needs to be a one-year grace period before carefully selecting your next favorite player.

17) Swedish Fish, Mountain Dew make the world go round. Duct tape is a close third.

18) Twitter is the worst invention in history. Wait, how many characters was that?

Ronda Rousey to face Cat Zingano at UFC 182

Ronda Rousey needed just 16 seconds to beat

Ronda Rousey needed just 16 seconds to beat Alexis Davis by technical knockout and defend her women's bantamweight title at UFC 175 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 5, 2014. (Credit: Mario Gonzalez)

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In her last two fights, Ronda Rousey has spent a total of 82 seconds in the cage.

In that time span, the UFC women's bantamweight champion stopped Sara McMann in just over a minute for her first technical knockout, then needed an Instagram video-esque 16 seconds to beat Alexis Davis.

Next up? Cat Zingano.

Rousey (10-0) will defend her title against Zingano at UFC 182 in Las Vegas on Jan. 3, 2015, the UFC announced Wednesday night.

Zingano (9-0) originally was scheduled to coach against Rousey on "The Ultimate Fighter" and then vie for her title last year, but she tore the ACL in her right knee in training and had to undergo surgery. Zingano returned at UFC 178 last September -- more than 17 months after her last fight -- and beat Amanda Nunes by third-round knockout.

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones headlines UFC 182 with a title defense against Daniel Cormier.

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UFC champ Chris Weidman tells bleeding 94-year-old neighbor, 'You're not dying today'

UFC fighter Chris Weidman rests after jiujitsu training

UFC fighter Chris Weidman rests after jiujitsu training with Gian Villante at the Serra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Levittown on March 11, 2014. (Credit: Chuck Fadely)

Anna Croenlein's driveway is just a few hundred feet away from neighbor Chris Weidman.

Croenlein is a 94-year-old great-grandmother. Weidman, 30, is the UFC's undefeated middleweight champion. Neighbors for a little more than a year in Dix Hills, neither knew much about the other.

Not until last Thursday when Weidman heard her scream.

Weidman was cleaning out his car before driving to the airport to pick up a friend and heard loud yelling through a pouring rain. He didn't know where it was coming from. The cries for help continued. Weidman got in his car and drove, with the window open, in the direction of the noise.

He saw a figure in the driveway. It was Croenlein.

Weidman jumped out of his car to help her. He moved Croenlein into the garage to get her out of the rain and called 911. After a few minutes, he then called a police officer friend and asked him for help.

"The one thing that kinda broke my heart, was she kept saying, 'I just wanted to live one more year,' " Weidman said. "I'm like, 'You're gonna live. You're not dying today. Today's not your day.' "

Weidman said Croenlein told him she had slipped and fell into a glass table inside her home. She tried to call her daughter, but they did not connect. Croenlein then went outside looking for help.

After Weidman called for help, he waited with Croenlein and tended to the cut in the back of her head. Weidman said Croenlein kept asking him to call her daughter, who was at a dental appointment. "She kept saying, 'Dr. Papa, Dr. Papa,' " Weidman said.

Weidman used his phone to search for the doctor. "The only thing that was coming up was Papa John's," Weidman said.

Dix Hills Fire Department chief Bill Stio was the first of six rescue workers to reach the scene. He arrived to find Croenlein sitting on a chair in the garage with Weidman applying pressure to the wound in the back of her head.

"He was in the garage with the woman, he flagged us down, his car was actually in the middle of the street," Stio said. "There was blood on the floor, there was blood on the wall. The woman's cordless phone was on the ground with blood on it."

Stio said Croenlein was lucid and answering all the questions he and his medical team were asking. He said she was aware of everything going on around her.

"Had she been left unattended for a long period of time, she could have bled out enough to lose conciousness," Stio said. "His intervention was definitely key in getting this woman to the hospital."

She was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, treated and released.

On Wednesday, Croenlein's daughter did not want to be interviewed. But she did say that her mother is home and feeling fine. She echoed Weidman's sentiment that Croenlein is "a tough old bird." She also wanted to express again her thanks and gratitude to Weidman for his assistance.

Dix Hills Fire District commissioner Todd Cohen said they are making arrangements to honor Weidman for his assistance.

"We're going to be giving some type of award to Chris, basically as a Good Samaritan for taking the time out and doing the right thing," Cohen said. "We don't get too many people that step in."

Cohen said he hopes Weidman's story inspires others to take an interest in learning how to assist people in need. Cohen said the Dix Hills Fire Department offers several free classes.

"At the time it was kind of surreal, especially hearing her account of what happened," Weidman said. "I'm just happy I was there."

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