Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!

Video sneak peek: Entourage 8/4

Here are the coming attractions for Season 8, Episode 4 of "Entourage." What you don't see in this clip is the therapy session with Ari Gold and Mrs. Ari -- most likely because it's a fantastic scene full of cursing and other sorts of choice words that won't work in a mass-distributed video clip.

 Preview #92...

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Entourage 8/3: Best Printable Line

Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy in a scene

(Credit: HBO)

Episode 3 was one of the better written episodes of late. Too bad most of the excellent lines don't adhere to best printable line guidelines, which makes for slim pickings when it comes to the BPL.

Still, we found a good one that was funny in general and in the context of the scene, as E delivers this to Johnny Drama:

"I got you 15 grand an episode to sit an air-condtioned...

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Entourage 8/3: The Drama club

Many a person has verbally undressed Johnny Drama in the eight seasons of "Entourage." Few have done it better than Phil Yagoda and his "Concrete Heat" rant.

We'll stick that one in the Drama club for Season 8, Episode 3.


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Entourage 8/3: The Ari Gold Mine

Socially awkward Ari Gold is a nice Ari Gold to see. Still trying to find himself after a separation from Mrs. Ari, he went on his first date in 19 years.

His conversation at the dinner with the young girl was wonderful to watch.  But, the Ari Gold Mine goes to the scene in the car afterward -- from the possibility of sleeping with a young chippy to the realization that he needs something...

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A programming note

Check in Tuesday morning for the BPLs and all that jazz from Season 8, Episode 3 of "Entourage." 

I'm in Philly this weekend covering UFC 133.


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Entourage 8/2: Random thoughts this week

From left, Andrew Dice Clay, Scott Caan, Adrian

(Credit: HBO)

- What guy in his 30s can't quote Andrew "Dice" Clay's routine word for word?

- I think Billy Walsh was a far more intriguing character when he was crazy and abusing of substances, but I appreciate character development.

- Wouldn't it be nice to see or find out how and why E and Sloan broke up? There's quite a bit of animosity between the two now.

- Early season...

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Entourage 8/2: Best Printable Line

Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama in a scene

(Credit: HBO)

The best line from Episode 2 of "Entourage" belonged to Andrew "Dice" Clay, but of course, it's not printable. So goes life amid the BPL guidelines.

Instead, Johnny Drama edged out Ari Gold's description of Bobby Flay when he subtlety took a dig at Turtle.

The guys were leaving the hotel, with Turtle dressed in his '04 outfit, and when they reached...

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Entourage 8/2: The Ari Gold Mine

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and Lloyd (Rex Lee)

(Credit: HBO)

It's one thing to assert, in profane or non-profane ways, that his wife would never sleep with a waiter. It's another thing to say it in a restaurant to another waiter. It's entirely another thing to put out an industry hit on him through the propaganda missile that is Lloyd.

Ari believed Mrs. Ari, his estranged wife, was sleeping with a waiter at Flay's, and called her sister for confirmation....

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Entourage 8/2: The Drama club

ENTOURAGE episode 90 (season 8, episode 2): Kevin

(Credit: HBO/Claudette Barius)

Drama opened the episode strong.

He entered the hotel suite and saw Turtle wearing a Bernard King Knicks jersey, a backwards Knicks hat, plaid shorts and white sneakers.

"Why you dressed like it's '04?" Drama said.

It was delivered with perfect timing....

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Entourage 8/2: Writer props

Kevin Dillon and Andrew Dice Clay in a

(Credit: HBO)

Not sure there's any real-life person more perfect to play opposite Johnny Drama than Andrew Dice Clay. Such a perfect casting.

Dice used to sell out Madison Square Garden as a stand-up comic. Now, he can't even last a week on "Celebrity Apprentice." It's akin to being Tarvold on "Viking Quest" and then choosing between an MOW with Joe Mantegna and doing "CSI: Minneapolis."


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