Let's blog it out as Ari Gold, Johnny Drama and the crew from HBO's "Entourage" return for the eighth and final season. Victory!

Entourage 8/1: The Drama Club

Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama in a scene

(Credit: HBO)

In the interests of character/plot/blog development, for the eighth and final season of HBO's "Entourage," we've added The Drama Club to our weekly recaps. It highlights the best of Johnny Drama from that episode. Let's just hope it doesn't overlap with the BPL too much.

Here goes . . .

Seems like I picked the wrong week to start this, but such is life and I'm...

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Entourage 8/1: The Ari Gold Mine

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold in a scene

(Credit: HBO)

The Ari Gold MIine began in Season 5 as an additional way to recap each episode of "Entourage." With the eighth and final season, we'll keep it going, and based on the coverage leading into Sunday night's premiere, we'll have a lot to choose from each week.

Episode 1's AGM could easily have come during one of his amusing rants, but that's what the BPL is for. Rather,...

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Entourage 8/1: Writer props

Again, a refresher course for those who are new to the game or just forgot: writer props goes out to something subtle yet impressive, something not so obvious such as an Ari Gold rant or any BPL.

For week 1, writer props goes out to Billy Walsh introducing the parade of ladies coming off the bus and walking into Vince's house for a party. It wasn't the bevy of beauties walking in like...

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Sloan looks back on 'Entourage'

Emmanuelle Chriqui stars as Sloan in a scene

(Credit: HBO)

Emmanuelle Chriqui, a "Blog It Out" favorite, looks back on her character Sloan as the eighth and final season of "Entourage" kicks off this Sunday.

Enjoy the video below, and then enjoy more Emmanuelle Chriqui photos here.


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Meet Turtle and E in New Rochelle

From left: Rex Lee, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin

(Credit: AP Photo/Mark Terrill)

If you a burning desire to shell out a bucket of dough to be one of 50 people to hang with Jerry Ferrara, aka "Turtle," and Kevin Connolly, aka "E" and the 1991 Homecoming King at Patchogue-Medford High School, then keep reading.

The two actors from HBO's "Entourage" are doing a private signing/meet-and-greet with Steiner Sports on Monday, July 18, at...

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'Entourage' Season 8 trailer

ENTOURAGE episode 89 (season 8, episode 1): Scott

(Credit: HBO/Claudette Barius)

The "Medellin" trailer, this ain't. You wouldn't buy this series based on the trailer for the eighth and final season of "Entourage," but it does give a few snippets of info about what to expect.

Enjoy the show (and possibly the pre-roll ad, but I can't control that).


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Video: An 'Entourage' farewell from the cast

The cast of HBO's "Entourage" in a publicity

(Credit: HBO)

Actors Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon are joined by creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Ally Musika for a 30-minute farewell documentary for "Entourage."

It includes interviews with plenty of other folks as well. Give it a watch. It's well-produced.

I'd embed the whole clip, but there are a few curses in there and I must stick to the Best...

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'Entourage' Season 8 guest stars

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony poses during a photo

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

HBO released the synopsis for the first two episodes of Entourage's final season, plus a few little extra tidbits such as guest stars.

In addition to the regular group of recurring characters, expect to see:

Carmelo AnthonyMelinda ClarkeAndrew Dice ClayKim CoatesMark CubanIlleana DouglasWilliam FichtnerJohnny GaleckiRob MorrowAlex RodriguezChristian SlaterRachel Zoe

Some play...

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Is it July 24 yet?

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay. (Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

I spent Sunday evening dealing with some old feelings. I was craving some "Entourage."

I know, I know, that seems about as hip and cool now as that guy who used to wear the ugly sweaters on informercials. But so goes life on a summer Sunday when you don't care for shows and movies about vampires.

The eighth and final season of "Entourage" returns to...

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Johnny Drama is getting old

Johnny Drama, played by actor Kevin Dillon, in

(Credit: HBO)

Johnny Drama's anger and rage toward voicing the lead role of a gorilla in "Johnny Bananas," a hypothetical animated show on the HBO series "Entourage," is just his typical angst.

It's exactly the type of struggle we're used to seeing after seven seasons of the show.

But, this time, Drama's angst goes metaphorically deeper than ever before. He's not just being outrageous...

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