Ryan Murphy is ready to attack some of Hollywood’s most famous feuds with glee. The executive producer behind such campy hits as “American Horror Story” and “Glee” will next unreel the FX series “Feud,” which will dramatize one of Tinseltown’s greatest hate-hate relationships: the rivalry between screen queens Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

If the show clicks, expect more of Hollywood’s dirty laundry to be put through the wringer. Here’s some more feud for thought.

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HEDDA HOPPER AND LOUELLA PARSONS Golden Age Hollywood’s premier gossip columnists were always trying to scoop one another. Many a star also felt the sting of their poison pens if they didn’t play ball with them.

JOAN FONTAINE AND OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND The Oscar-winning screen queens’ sibling rivalry has the makings of must-see TV. Of course, de Havilland, who turns 100 on July 1, might not be too fond of the idea.

RAQUEL WELCH AND MAE WEST Goodness had nothing to do with the relationship between these two sex symbols during the making of the 1970 megaflop “Myra Breckenridge.”

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NICKI MINAJ AND MARIAH CAREY Could a fictionalization of the music divas’ feud be more fascinating than the real one that unfolded when they were judges in season 12 of “American Idol”?