Just to prove how freakishly the late night stars have alligned...today (Tuesday, the 19th)...is the next scheduled court appearance of Robert Joel Halderman, alleged Letterman extortionist, in New York Supreme court. (I have no time, but I imagine late morning.)

  What happens today? I asked Gerald Shargel, Halderman's attorney, via email, and his (email) response: "I expect that the case  will be continued tomorrow [Tuesday] to enable parties to complete discovery."

  It all sounds very mild and legal and civilized.

  I have a hunch something a little more dramatic will happen. (As they like to say over at TMZ, "stay tuned.")

  But how truly bizarre: On the very morning NBC is expected to announce Jay Leno's return to "Tonight," David Letterman's alleged extortionist returns to court. Shargel, meanwhile, dismissed reports that either he or the Manhattan DA were "moving closer" (my words) to a settlement. "No one," he said, has "'moved closer.'"

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