THE SHOW "Accidentally on Purpose"

WHEN | WHERE Monday at 8:30 on CBS/2

REASON TO WATCH For Jenna Elfman fans (they know who they are).

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Billie (Elfman) gets pregnant after a one-night stand. CBS suggests that any resemblance to "Knocked Up" is purely coincidental because this is actually based a book by Mary F. Pols - a 39-year-old film critic for who also got pregnant with a much younger man, and then wrote a bestselling book about it. CBS, naturally, saw "comedy" written all over this.

Now, for the back story: Billie's commitment-phobic boyfriend, James (Grant Show), refuses to tie the knot, and bio-clock a-ticking, Billie starts to worry. She has pals, like Olivia (Ashley Jensen), and sis Abby (Lennon Parham), who is stable (of course, she's married to a dud).

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