Two familiar television faces welcomed the opportunity that one project gave them to change things up.

The fact-inspired Lifetime drama "Baby Sellers," premiering Saturday at 8 p.m., offers Kirstie Alley and Jennifer Finnigan ("Monday Mornings") chances for something different. "Cheers" and "Dancing With the Stars" alum Alley notably underplays the part of a seemingly respectable adoption agency chief with a worldwide network, her illegal supply chain for the youngsters she needs.

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The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent portrayed by Finnigan is on to the scheme. She infiltrates the operation, and one notable scene gives the actresses a vicious face-to-face confrontation.

"I get to be the bad guy, right?" Alley asks with a knowing laugh. "I think when you're the bad guy, you think you're the good guy, or you wouldn't do what you do. You have to justify it. I think every villain thinks they're right, though they may be crazy. I don't think they know they're crazy, and that's what the danger is.

"This woman knows these kids in these Third World countries might not make it to 3 years old and that they probably will have horrible lives . . . and that's how I played it," adds Alley. "She does have a point. Yes, she's ripping babies away from their mothers, but it's a bit like going out on Hollywood Boulevard and ripping a crack baby away from its mother."

Previously a star of such other series as "Close to Home" and "Better With You," Finnigan -- a three-time Daytime Emmy winner for her tenure as Bridget Forrester on CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" -- enjoyed turning into a very physical action heroine for certain "Baby Sellers" sequences.

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"I took karate for a couple of years," she says. "I love combat; I just get to do it so rarely. When I was working with the stunt doubles and they were teaching me the fight routines, I think they thought I was a little crazy. We'd rehearse and rehearse, and two or three hours later, I'd be like, 'Keep going!' And they were like, 'OK, you're good. You've got it.' I loved every minute, but I was a sore girl for a few days."