Lee Dewyze and his walking pneumonia is singing "Treat Her Like A Lady" on "American Idol." I think it's a great pick, and a good fit for his voice. Usher calls it "a special treat," and then praises his "incredible voice." He tells him to "own it -- don't be so critical of yourself, especially when you have a talent like yours."  Usher is right on.

Whoa! Lee takes over the stage and it's a driving, rollicking start. The crowd is into it right away, and he's letting loose, finally. Oh man, his great tone is coming out and the crowd is yelping along with him.

Yeah, finally! Just an urgency to the performance, makes us want to keep listening, afraid we're going to miss something if we turn away. Best tonight, in my opinion. He gets a loooong ovation.

Randy says, "unbelievable! Best I've heard you in weeks." Ellen echoes, "best performance of the night." Kara says, "amazing." Simon says he's always believed in him, tells him to go home and watch the show, tonight is the night "your life may have changed forever."


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