Series Rejoice, fans: The treatment you've awaited is here! Michael Landon's enduring '70s drama of frontier family life finally has 50-minute episodes (network length, not syndication) and correct-speed sound in durable compact packaging. Season 1 Blu-ray is gorgeous, with high-def revealing details of Pa's battered buckboard and Laura's freckles. Audio sounds intimate in DTS-HD 2.0. (There's also Spanish/French Dolby.) Season 2 due out May 6.

Extras Part 1 of smart 40th-anniversary retrospective has new cast interviews. Ultraviolet digital access included.

List price $30 DVD/$39 Blu-ray (expect deep discounts), out Tuesday from Lionsgate.

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TV GUIDE SPOTLIGHT: SAMPLER SETS Show your kids or grandkids what you grew up watching. Two-disc sets, each $10:

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