People  Magazine tells us that Paula Abdul is expected to return to "American Idol" next week for a one-night-only farewell to Simon. 

  I mention this just in case you haven't seen People yet.

  I believe it - a hundred, nay, a thousand percent, if there is such thing as a "thousand percent. "

  Oh what joy - what deep unbridled joy - it will be to see the dear girl. I miss Paula. Just to see her again doing...whatever it was she did. We all know "Idol" had a bad year and I'm completely of the opinion that the year was bad because Paula wasn't around.

  Somehow, all  her incredibly nutty praise and her over-the-top gibberish about how great some "Idol" was just made it so much better. She was fun, and light, and good-hearted. She was like an extra spoonful of sugar added to a cup of bitter coffee. She just made it better. I'm completely serious about this: "Idol" has not been the same without her, and it's been worse.

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  So, I'm glad she's back.