Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), parks and rec commissioner for the pint-size fictional city of Pawnee, Ind., is ambitious enough to want to become president someday, but rooted enough in her small-town world to allow viewers to wonder how this could ever come to pass.

Easier way of saying this is that she's a clueless dork with a big heart. Tomorrow night's episode is case in point: Over the summer, Leslie "marries" a pair of penguins at the Pawnee Zoo as part of a stunt to boost traffic. But it backfires when she's told that both penguins are male, and thus, Leslie learns the attendant political complexities of performing the first same-sex wedding in Pawnee.


gave "P&R" a second chance over the summer, and not due to some innate sense of fairness or high regard for Poehler (have a little of the former and plenty of the latter). There was nothing else on. The show underwhelmed last season, and while not a "Kath & Kim" fiasco, NBC still had to be a little worried.

No one, and I mean, no one on this side of the Hudson seemed to be talking about "P&R," and not too many on the other side, either. Anyway, I liked what I saw: This show has enormous charm and great potential. So why is the second-season launch such a bummer?

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