Lacey Brown up next on 'American Idol' to try and make the top 24 semifinalists; she got cut at this stage last year. Not sure if she'll make it this time; she tells Simon she needed to wait a year and work really hard; I really like her attitude.

Simon says this year the girls are tougher though ... and she's through! Cool; she did that haunting  version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," so hard to make that song sound fresh, as she did.

Ashley Rodriguez is through, too, as is Alex Lambert -- both get shown for a few seconds. Joe Munoz as well, who I don't think we've seen yet.

Crystal Bowersox, who we've seen a lot of. Funny, she thinks "Idol's" audience is 3 million people, that it's enough to make it the most-watched show on TV. Ha, off by a factor of 10.

Simon says this might not be the platform for you, we decided ... to put you through! She cries, shows them a photo of her super-cute son.

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