THE SHOW "Brooklyn 11223," Oxygen, 11 p.m. Monday

REASON TO WATCH Some prelaunch notoriety has given this unscripted show some juice.

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WHAT IT'S ABOUT Welcome to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where blood is thicker 'n water, and the tough, iconic who-you-talkin'-to-you-talkin'-to-me accent is apparently even thicker. A group of young women has split into warring "crews" -- Joey Lynn's and Christie's. Christie is nursing an old wound (she claims Joey Lynn slept with her boyfriend). Joey Lynn is indignant ("I did not sleep with that . . ." The battle of words is on. (And no, Tony Manero does not make a cameo.) The show already has notoriety because Bay Ridge Councilman Vinnie Gentile has led protests and written editorials saying its "caricatures . . . cement the basest bigotries."

MY SAY Apparently tired of essentially being a one-show network ("Bad Girls Club") Oxygen is about to go ahead and launch another one. The difference between both is negligible. There's a lot of screaming and swearing, and while watching -- not that you should -- try to picture some frazzled incompetent at an edit console frantically pressing the beep button. His or her timing is badly off -- so badly that only two letters of each four-letter word are excised. But there's a monumental issue at stake here. Did or did not Joey Lynn sleep with whathisname? And if she did, then how dare she, the ----. We'd all better be prepared to watch a six-episode reality show to find out why -- and many more episodes if this is a hit.

Yeah, "Brooklyn 11223" is awful, and awful not because it's inauthentic -- it isn't necessarily to those being portrayed here -- but because it's hugely phony. There is a difference. Reality TV has taught would-be stars to act out: Be certain to cuss because that confers cred, and be really obnoxious because the camera favors the obnoxious over the meek, and essentially make complete -- -- of yourselves because ratings will be astronomical. And, of course, that's exactly what always happens.

BOTTOM LINE The good people of Bay Ridge will laugh their ---- off as they watch this. Then wince. Then they'll get mad. They should.

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