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Cry Freedom (1987): Hollywood was right to pay
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Cry Freedom (1987): Hollywood was right to pay attention to Washington's breakthrough performance in "Cry Freedom," in which he played South African activist Steve Biko. Washington would receive the first of his six Academy Award nominations for his performance, and he'd only have to wait two more years to win that trophy in the supporting category.(Credit: Universal Pictures)

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Denzel Washington's 10 most memorable movie roles

With six Oscar nominations (and two wins) in acting categories, Denzel Washington is one of the most respected and decorated actors of all time. With a cinematic career spanning nearly 40 years, Washington, who grew up in Mount Vernon, makes it tough to narrow down his most memorable movie roles to 10, but thats exactly what this photo gallery will attempt to do.

In chronological order, here are Denzel Washingtons 10 most memorable movie roles, with bonus facts about other Hudson Valley connections to these films, whenever applicable. -Chris Serico

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