Steve Carell - indelible loveable ADD-afflicated Michael Scott - said in a radio interview that he will leave "The Office" after next season.

  I repeat: He is leaving.

  Now, context:

  The question was popped during an interview with the BBC in the UK; he's been promoting "Date Night" across the pond right now. Interviewer casually asked about his contract, which lasts through next season.

  And after that, will you continue...? 

 "I don't think so. I think that will probably be my last year."

 The operative word here is "probably," but my sense is that he really means it. Meanwhile, I'm just a little unclear when this interview was conducted - Carell was in Europe a few weeks ago; he back there again now? 

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  Nevertheless, he does sound definitive. The end is approaching. But we all knew that.

  All of this reminded me of that amusing Letterman interview of a few weeks back...Not that he said anything about his "Office" future then that I'm aware of...