Series Vampire Authority arrivals like Christopher Meloni and Lucy Griffiths enliven Blu-ray/Select bonus features that, again, take us deep into HBO's sizzling smash. (It's back new June 16.)

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Extras Both versions (see below) feature commentaries and episode backgrounders. Blu-ray/Select adds interactive "enhanced viewing" goodies: lower-third infographics, flashback/forward to explain current twists, Authority Confessionals videos in which characters discuss events. Plus, cool hourlong "autopsy" making-of for "game changer" sixth episode, species "blood lines" family tree, more.

List price $80 HBO Select (Blu-ray+DVD+digital), $60 DVD only, out today from HBO.

Also new

DEXTER: SEASON 7 Debra finally knows brother Dexter's killer secret -- so why are there no/zero/zilch bonus features? (Season 8 wraps Showtime's run starting June 30.) $55 DVD, $65 Blu-ray, Showtime/CBS.

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MEL BROOKS: MAKE A NOISE Monday night's clip-filled "American Masters" portrait, plus 15 minutes of deleted scenes; $20, Shout.