The Incredible Mel Brooks

Content It's a cool cornucopia of comedy archaeology, collecting bits and pieces from this manic master's 60-year career, delivered on five DVDs and one CD tucked into a compact hardcover-book package. There are TV episodes with Brooks' writing ("Get Smart," "When Things Were Rotten") and acting ("The Tracey Ullman Show," "Mad About You"). There are Brooks interviews: "60 Minutes," HBO's recent Brooks-Dick Cavett hour, and vintage chats with Cavett, Johnny Carson and David Susskind. There are short films, unsold pilots, commercials, music videos and generous bit snippets, from the '50s "Your Show of Shows" onward. Plus hours of Brooks introducing these goodies and discussing his movies (not included, but otherwise available). Every comedy genius deserves this kind of classy encapsulation.

Extras Extended Brooks-Cavett chat. And, of course, all that book content, chronicling Brooks' wide-ranging career.

List price $90, from Shout.

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