THE DUST BOWL Documentary. Ken Burns' latest PBS epic hits DVD right after its TV premiere. Four hours (in two parts) illuminate both the intimate human impact of the 1930s plains disaster and its larger causes/effects, both environmental and man-made.

Extras Featurettes further detail the cataclysm's legacy, plus interview footage, making-of, Burns' reflections.

List price $25 DVD/$30 Blu-ray, out Tuesday from PBS

Also out:

GREAT MUSEUMS Docuseries makes dozens of stops through 23 hours on 7 discs, from obvious choices like the Metropolitan Museum of Art to pop culture faves like the California Surf Museum and National Baseball Hall of Fame (more at; $80, PBS.

STORAGE WARS: TEXAS First season of Dallas treasure hunters has additional footage; $20, A&E.

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SHIPPING WARS First season of carrying "unshippable" cargo; $20, A&E.

10 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT History trivia series digs dirt on Benjamin Franklin, Hitler, Rat Pack, more; $20, A&E.

HISTORY IN 3-D Includes 3 separate discs: "WWII in 3D," "Titanic 100 Years in 3D," "History of the World in Two Hours" in 3-D," all also viewable in 2-D; $80 Blu-ray, History.