"NCIS" is up.

"DWTS" is down.

And Jay? He's still hanging around.

And there, in quasi-Haiku, is your snapshot of the 2009-10 season thus far.

What follows are more details, stats and thoughts from the new season's first week.

Jay Leno

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A great first week was followed by a somewhat sobering second. How so? On Sept. 21, the first night of the new season, "The Jay Leno Show" was seen by 5.9 million people, or just about 12 million below his opener a week before. What happened? Original programming happened.

'NCIS,' your new season champ

Always premature to call a winner after the first week, but "NCIS" launched with 21 million viewers last Tuesday, with spinoff "NCIS: Los Angeles" attracting 18.7 million. "CSI," the former champ, was down to just 15.5 million on opening night - this, for a show that reliably scored more than 20 million viewers a season or so ago.

'Dancing With the Stars'

A slow start. Since when is 17.4 million (the first hour Sept. 21) a "slow" start? Since 2008, when "DWTS" launched with 21.4 million. The show was relatively soft all week - due to massive kickoffs for "House" and "NCIS." Still, ABC has to be a little concerned.

Blast-off for 'FlashForward,' 'The Good Wife'

After "NCIS: LA," these were the winners among new dramas - 13.7 million viewers for the latter, and 12.4 million for "Forward."

NBC comedies: Soft

"Community" had a reasonable launch (7.9 million) Sept. 17, but fell by more than 2 million viewers last week. Of greater concern, the faltering "Parks and Recreation."

ABC comedies: Good beginning

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Yes, the two newcomers did fine, but "Modern Family" (12.6 million) was the week's winner.

Courteney Cox's "Cougar Town," which followed on the schedule, fell to 11.3 million.