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ABC's 'Scandal' returns ('... umm, dad?')

Kerry Washington arrives at the BAFTA's Los Angeles

Kerry Washington arrives at the BAFTA's Los Angeles TV tea party at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. (Sept. 21, 2013) (Credit: AP)

"Scandal" -- possibly, probably, almost certainly TV's most insane show -- returns Thursday night with more hanging questions than the 2000 election had hanging chads (I know -- a ridiculous stretch of a metaphor, but we are talking "Scandal" here. "Ridiculous" is not only welcome but mandatory.).

 But . . . fun show. Never dull.  Kerry Washington is perfect in it. But there's not space enough on the entire Internet to get to all those questions, let alone answer them, but here's one: How did it come to be that Olivia Pope's (Washington) own father (played by Joe Morton) ordered her assassination? Don't ask me.

Some clips, including from last night's "Letterman," where Washington wowed the host. or scandalized him.

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