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'American Horror Story: Asylum' - the madness ends (thank goodness,too)

And so tonight - FX, 10 - we come to the end of the wildly uneven second season of "American Horror Story: Asylum." Finale's called "Madness Ends," to which I would add: "Thank goodness for that."  Fans take note: The finale's a solid one, but not a particularly scary one - rescued by some very good performances and a necessary wrap to some season-long storylines that can only be described as insane, though  maybe not quite in the sense the creators intended the word to mean. What went wrong this season? Beyond the  campy launch that pushed the show into a murky soup of aliens, Nazi doctors of death, wackjob nuns, kidnapped reporters, homicidal Santa Clauses (or one anyway), and so very much else that seemed disconnected from a coherent whole? Mostly that it was so relentlessly grim. (Yes, have been a bit negative on it from the beginning.) This series needs to recapture what it caught so effortlessly the first season - that would be "horror."  But, as noted, some good performances tonight - Sarah Paulson - who's pretty much terrific in everything she's in, and has been solid this season, too, ending as a Barbara Walters-like doyenne of TV news -  and Jessica Lange, as usual, also terrific. In any event, see what you think... Again: FX, 10.  And perhaps some good news for the third season - EW is reporting that Taissa Farmiga (from the first) is in "talks" to rejoin the series. 

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