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'Awake' gets a date

Actor Jason Isaacs stars in the NBC science

Actor Jason Isaacs stars in the NBC science fiction crime drama television series, "Awake." (Jan. 15, 2012 ) (Credit: Getty Images)

"Awake," the Jason Isaacs NBC drama from Howard Gordon, finally has a date with destiny: Thursday, March 1, at 10 p.m.

"The Firm" will be sadly, silently be sent to the glue factory -- Saturday nights -- starting next week.

Encores of "Grimm" will air Thursday nights at 10 the rest of the month.

"Awake" certainly sounds different . It's about a dectective involved in a car accident that may have killed his wife and son.  The detective  moves back and forth between two worlds -- one in which in his wife is still alive but his son has died, and the other in which his son is still alive but his wife has died.

Whew, a mouthful and possible a hint as to why "Awake" went back for some additional work. 

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