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Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 parodies: They are EVERYWHERE

Actor Brad Pitt attends a news conference for

Actor Brad Pitt attends a news conference for "Killing Them Softly" at the 65th Cannes film festival in France. (May 22, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

There he is — Brad Pitt, star of what may well be one of the hotter memes on the planet at this moment, namely parodies of Brad Pitt, in his Chanel No. 5 ad that bowed last week, and finally entered the pantheon of mockdom: “Saturday Night Live,” with Taran Killam's effective debunking over the weekend.

I assume this is not what Karl Lagerfeld had in mind.

Nevertheless! It is getting traction, and this whole thing could get monumentally annoying within a day or so (after all, it's so obvious that even Funnyordie has yet to weigh in). But until we reach complete saturation point, this got me to thinking: What are some of these parodies? They are coming in from around the world; one of the most unexpected was one from ESPN, which managed to mock BOTH A-Rod and Brad in the space of 30 seconds, So . . . let us go to the clips. I'll start with my favorite Killam one . . . and credit due to “Conan,” which I think got this ball rolling:

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