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CBS News' coverage of JFK assassination in real time, and on the web

This undated file photo provided by CBS, shows

This undated file photo provided by CBS, shows CBS television newscaster Walter Cronkite. In "Cronkite," a biography by Douglas Brinkley, the CBS Newsman emerges as the intrepid newshound upon whom was thrust the unsought mantle of "most trusted man in America" and who never betrayed that public trust. (Credit: AP Photo/Anonymous)

One of the media's most unique efforts at bringing back that terrible day in history, fifty years ago, is on-going right now - at, which is streaming its coverage of the day. It's a remarkable time capsule, and a must-watch for anyone who cares to go back to remember - and experience - that long ago moment:  

Meanwhile, here are the times to watch this web streaming event... And speaking of television and what this all meant that day, here's a post from earlier today. 

Day 1 - [9hrs. 45min. 23sec.] Start time: 1:40PM - End time 11:24PM

Day 2 - [15hrs. 01min. 20 sec.] Start time: 8:00AM - End time 11:02PM

Day 3 - [14hrs. 21min. 26.sec.] Start time: 9:00AM - End time 11: 22PM

Day 4 - [15hrs. 38min. 23sec.] Start time: 8:00AM - End time 11:38PM

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