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Stephen Colbert does a Nixon 'retrospectacular'

A 60-second recap of the Aug. 4, 2014 episode of "The Colbert Report," which looked back at the Nixon days. (Credit: Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert went from "in character" to "in retro character" on last night's "The Colbert Report," which is probably not as easy as it sounds. The unusual episode - which either lamented or celebrated Richard Nixon's resignation forty years ago this week (hard exactly to say) - was recast as sort of a what-the-Colbert-Report-would-look-like all those years ago, when hosts smoked and smoked on the air... (Ah yes, Mister Tom Synder...) It was a very informative episode, while Pat Buchanan and John Dean had plenty to say about their former boss. Colbert's an excellent interviewer, gives them their say and asks the right questions. He would have been a good TV host circa 1974. No question about that (just give up the smokes...)

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