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'Community' to end at five seasons, 'Revolution' also over

"Community," one of the most precocious comedies in TV history, will end its five-season run this May. The cancellation came suddenly, stealthily, and on the proverbial close-of-business Friday late afternoon. But not without warning. Cancellation -- or the potential thereof -- seems to have shadowed "Community" since the first season. This has to be disappointing for fans -- but especially for returning showrunner Dan Harmon who had expected a sixth. 

Meanwhile, NBC has renewed "Hannibal."

There was a list of other NBC casualties, by the way ("Believe" and "Crisis"). Both of those had real promise, "Crisis" in particular, but they never caught fire.

But "Revolution" had once seemed like a charmed show, if not quite a hit its first season, and definitely not during the sophomore season, when numbers and buzz tailed off. 

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