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Dale Robertson dead, 'Tales of Wells Fargo' actor was 89

Dale Robertson, one of TV's classic western actors, has died after a long illness. He was 89 and had lived in his native state of Oklahoma.

Robertson was a very big star when westerns were a very big genre -- best known as narrator and star of NBC's "Tales of Wells Fargo" ('57-'62). Check out the clips below. He was in many movies. I've posted a clip from one movie, "Days of Fury," from a fan who says it  was "inspiration for "High Plains Drifter" and who am I to argue?

Robertson was classic TV rawhide in every respect: A big guy who had a hero rep (wounded twice in the war as an Army infantryman) and a very smooth on-screen persona. He did much TV work in recent years -- you may vaguely remember him in "Dallas" and "Dynasty."

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