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Discovery Channel special on the 'megastorm'

A boat is beached on South Ocean Avenue

A boat is beached on South Ocean Avenue in Freeport. (Oct. 30, 2012) (Credit: Howard Schnapp)

The Discovery Channel's "Curiousity" series promises to take a particularly close look at Sandy this weekend (TDC, Sunday at 9), and sight unseen, it sounds/looks pretty good. Not exactly sight unseen - check out the promo below. Here's the throughline: 

"...follows the action hour-by-hour from the hurricane's formation in the Caribbean through its intensification in Cuba to the devastation across the East Coast. Using on-the-ground expert analysis and CGI and satellite imaging, CURIOSITY explores how distinct phenomena combined to create the perfect storm and how we can prepare for the next one. The episode also takes viewers inside the storm with footage captured by those on the ground using their own cameras and smartphones. Survivors share their stories, some narrowly escaping with their lives, and recount what it was like as Sandy engulfed their city...."

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