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Dorothy Hamill withdraws from 'Dancing With the Stars'

Dorothy Hamill has starred in "Romeo and Juliet

Dorothy Hamill has starred in "Romeo and Juliet on Ice" and the movie "Blades of Glory." (Credit: Getty Images)

Dorothy Hamill, who looked like an early favorite to go far in the 16th season of "Dancing with the Stars," withdrew Tuesday -- and in the process explained her more or less poor showing to date.

Not only had she been bedevilled by a bad ankle, but a bad back, as she said last night. Withdrawals are not unheard of here, of course. Misty May-Treanor withdrew back in '08, for example (she had ruptured her achilles). So these things happen, and it's too bad, and all that -- but still, a surprise. Atheletes have a way of dealing with pain and joint stress -- but aging ones less so. If you want to see her dramatic resignation speech from last night -- and haven't already, go here.

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