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'Duck Dynasty' finale, with Segways

Phil Robertson poses with a mouth-blown duck call

Phil Robertson poses with a mouth-blown duck call stars in A&E Network " Duck Dynasty". (Credit: A&E Network)

"Duck Dynasty" — a hit, you may have heard — ends Wednesday night, or at least the current season does, and in commemoration, a clip.

This one comes courtesy of AOL. What do we learn here? (A book by commentator David Brooks — "Bobos in Paradise" comes to mind, but not sure Brooks ever imagined this  ...)

That they don't know how to drive Segways, and the Segways can't make heads nor tails of the bearded ones either. Also, that ducks do not fly over Hawaii. Lucky ducks.

"Duck Dynstasy" has been averaging around 8.5 million per episode this season. That's quite a crowd.

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