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Ellen [DeGeneres] reacts to [Sea Cliff's] Kate McKinnon

Name: Ellen DeGeneres Animated character: Dory in ?Finding

Name: Ellen DeGeneres
Animated character: Dory in “Finding Nemo" (Credit: Fox)

Sea Cliff's own Kate McKinnon did a pretty good impression of New Orlean's Own Ellen DeGeneres on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, and because McKinnon is from Long Island -- where Sea Cliff is -- then we're gonna pay a little bit extra special attention here to the talented McKinnon for parochial reasons.

Hence, this Ellen impression. In any event, on Tuesday's “Ellen,” the eponymous star (raising the question -- is the show named after Ellen or Ellen after the show? Whatever) poked fun at her own impression. This was funny, too. Take a look:

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