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Ellie Kemper gets Tina Fey/Robert Carlock NBC series

Ellie Kemper arrives at the 84th Academy Awards

Ellie Kemper arrives at the 84th Academy Awards at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles. (Feb. 26, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Finally some news that indicates NBC's long national comedy nightmare may be nearing an end: Ellie Kemper just got her own show, to be produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

No word on launch date or even what the show will be about, other than there will be 13 episodes devoted to it. But the fact that these three are involved is only for the good and betterment of NBC's lineup, which continues to gasp on the comedy front.

Carlock's one of the geniuses behind "30 Rock" -- I'd go so far as to say "30 Rock" would never have existed without him. And we know all about that other talent. You know, the one named Tina...

But Kemper now becomes the first star that I'm aware of to emerge from "The Office" to land a series deal -- I don't even think Rainn Wilson has this kind of commitment yet (and no, the "Annoying Orange" doesn't really count, does it?). Nor even Jenna Fischer or John Krasinski -- though he is in Cameron Crowe's new movie, so nothing wrong with that.  

Kemper was great on "The Office." The wonderful, funny, ditzy, sweet, romantic, effervescent, lovable, gullible Kelly Erin Hannon.

Here's a quick clip from "Bridesmaids"... It's racy, but amusing: (And Newsday app readers please go to if you want to see what my definition of "racy" is...) 

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