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Fox News host Bob Beckel apologizes for racial slur

On July 14, 2014, Fox News' Bob Beckel addressed his "Chinamen" comment on The Five, apologizing to anyone who was offended by him using that word, but strongly refusing to apologize for his broader critique of the Chinese government. (Credit: Fox)

Bob Beckel, one of the hosts of Fox News' hit series, "The Five," on Monday apologized for a racial slur that he uttered - then retracted - on the air last week during a rant about China. (You can see the clip of his apology here, or below...) The bizarre episode occurred when Beckel was just warming up his anti-China diatribe, when he slipped in the term "Chinamen" -- a slur that seemed to have passed out of the language a half a century ago. The comment went viral and Beckel -- and Fox -- instantly inflamed both the Asian community and FNC haters who have long and loudly argued that the network's host roster is comprised of antediluvian troglodytes - unfair of course, but that's the haters for you! Beckel -- the "Five's" resident sort-of liberal -- did apologize for the comment, but not for intent of his commentary, which you can see here... Mediaite captured the original utterance; "The Young Turks" (see above clip), then disemboweled it...



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