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'Grey's Anatomy's' farewell to Cristina Yang

Sandra Oh, right, in a scene from "Grey's

Sandra Oh, right, in a scene from "Grey's Anatomy." (Credit: AP)

We haven't spent a whole lot of time in this space in recent years with "Grey's Anatomy, but that is about to be remedied: Sandra Oh is leaving. She's one of the originals, an honorary member of the Core Four (or is it the Fab Five?) She has been on this ride from the beginning, through the highs and through the lows . . . and Oh, who is a fine actress, has made it all memorable. She's going next week.

Some of the particulars you are maybe aware of: Her character, Cristina Yang, did not get her due recognition in the form of a major award at Seattle Grace, and thus interpreting that as a professional slap-down, is taking her future elsewhere -- possibly to that Star-Trek-Enterprise-of-a-hospital that Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) has asked her to run.

Or possibly not. Remember Rule One in Shondaland: Never assume anything. 

But as mentioned, Oh made this show better, more interesting, more intelligent -- which has not always been easy given some of the many tangents that "GA” has traveled. Oh's Yang always had that -- what's the phrase? -- sense that the world is mad and the world of Seattle Grace is maddest of all. She gave the show a certain perspective, if you will, when needed, which made her many romantic travails all the better because in those moments, she knew that she, too, had become part of the madhouse.

But I'm speaking of long-held impressions here. I simply haven't paid a whole lot of attention to this show this season -- for all I know she's gone completely bonkers, too.


Now, the reason for this post: ABC released a nice, full, wistful, sentimental look back at Cristina and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo -- who else!) yesterday. The tears are about to flow again in Shondaland. And the clip below this one offers a little backstory to the Burke pitch. I think that episode aired last week, which was quite the reunion (no?) .  


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