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Hulu in talks to revive 'Community' -- but should 'Community' be revived?

Fellow human beings, I put this before you: Should "Community" return, specifically to Hulu, which has, more specifically, begun talks with Sony which, adding a bit more specificity, wants to keep the show going?

It's out there -- don't take my word for this. Google it. The trades reported the news Wednesday.

I can't even begin to count the reasons why it should stay, even if one by one they all fade away. Cast salaries. Hulu's rights fees. Sony's demands, almost certainly unreasonable, at least in the first phone call. Cast futures: Isn't Joel McHale going to replace Craig Ferguson? We could start that rumor, again, right here.

But I, like all fans, am also now officially tied to the wait and sees. Sure, we're tired of that part of the business -- TV! -- that makes up the perfect lie, to keep us from our beloved series.

Then, hours turn into day. It's almost summer already. "Community's" been buried a month already, but we should all watch what we throw away and be here to recognize, there's another waaay.

OK, enough paraphrasing the theme song, but hopefully you do get the idea: "Community" deserves to live.

There were more genuine laughs in one three-minute span of "Community" in its fifth and, so far, final season than in all the other comedies on the entire NBC schedule last season combined ("Parks & Rec" excepted.) 

The finale, "Basic Sandwich," was funnier in its entirety than every Seth Rogen movie or Judd Apatow big screen comedy going back to "Drillbit Taylor" (or at least "Superbad"), also combined.

(Yeah, that was gratuitous but I threw it in hopes they'll hate-tweet something like "that moron, what does he know? #We'refunnierthanCommunity.)

"Community" deserves to live and deserve to live on Hulu which continues to struggle to get some attention for its not-bad-but-not-"Community"-caliber homegrown content.

Hulu has had enormous success with shows like "Parks & Rec" and "Community." On Hulu, these are not mere "niche" programs, but board leaders of its Biggest Hits parade.

According to SimilarWeb, a British-based firm that tracks web traffic, "Community" was Hulu's top-rated series in January. On Hulu, it jostles at the top with other shows like "Modern Family" or "New Girl."

"Community" is a major success on Hulu which is now a major purveyor of television content.

Plus, I prefer the idea of life-after-death on Hulu for "Community" as opposed to life-after-death on Netflix. "Community" is not to be engorged upon, but savored (upon). Hulu is a better place for the revival.

Will "Community" return? There's an old saying in show business: If the cast is willing and the paychecks are big enough and Dan Harmon can be convinced that a 6th season on the Web is vastly preferable to a 6th season on a network that just aired a full season of "The Michael J. Fox Show" ... then yes, it can happen.

My prediction: It will.

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