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Hurricane Sandy documentaries: Three so far, more to come

In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, an electrical

In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, an electrical work crew from Arizona works on overhead lines on Quaker Path Road in Stony Brook. (Nov. 4, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Prepare thyself for TV's superstorm blitz. Suddenly there are three big Hurricane Sandy documentaries on the board and I'd expect a handful of others before the week is out. Here's what we've got so far:

"Superstorm 2012: Hell and High Water," the History Channel, premiering Sunday, Nov. 18 at 9 p.m.: Promises a look at the "anatomy" of Sandy, how it spun out of control and whether "this was just a taste of things to come... the story of a superstorm that is changing the way we think about the weather and our world." It boasts some of "the world’s best meteorologists and scientists who will take viewers inside the anatomy of a superstorm. They will show how a superstorm is formed and dissect the conditions that made Sandy spiral out of control. Viewers will witness the devastating results, hear amazing stories from those who were there and examine what needs to be done to save lives and property."

"Superstorm 2012," National Geographic Network, premiering Thursday, Nov. 15, 10 p.m.: Another look at the inside of the storm and the "fatal surge" that left thousands homeless, with a focus on "the hardest hit in New Jersey and New York communities who are still reeling in its aftermath." NatGeo also explores the question of whether Sandy was either an anomaly or predecessor. And: "Go inside the eye of the storm to understand how 90 mph winds extended from its center and driving rains and fatal storm surges left thousands displaced and millions without power — with the hardest hit in New Jersey and New York communities, who are still reeling in its aftermath. And for the first time, find out in depth how this storm — dubbed a “Frankenstorm” by some media — developed and grew, taking almost 200 lives from the Caribbean to the East Coast, and dig further into the unpredictability of nature’s fury in the 21st century."

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"Nova," WNET/13, premiering Sunday, Nov. 18, 7 p.m.: "Are super-storms becoming more frequent, more destructive, more deadly? Can we engineer our way to safety if Sandy is a sign of things to come? "This Nova special also promises first-person accounts of those who lived in the most devastated areas. Can we engineer our way to safety if Sandy is a sign of things to come? Using candid first-person accounts of storm survivors from the hardest-hit areas and eye-opening interviews with experts and scientists, NOVA's "Inside the Megastorm" gives scientific context to a new breed of storms.

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