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Is '24' coming back as a...TV series?

"24,? starring Kiefer Sutherland as federal agent Jack

"24,” starring Kiefer Sutherland as federal agent Jack Bauer, reflected a nation's mood in the months, and years, following 9/11. A revenge fantasy with traces of paranoia alongside all the elements of a high-octane thriller, "24" was pure entertainment for some, and a release for others. (Credit: Fox)

Big, exciting, fun, thrilling -and possibly even true - news is now washing over the network upfront discussions leading up to next week's fall schedule announcements:  "24" may return as a limited run series on Fox. 

  This broke earlier on Deadlline - which has a habit of getting things right - and my cursory explorations into the matter have turned up this: That talks are certainly going on, but that any sort of deal is "premature." Nevertheless, this is Thursday night, and Fox won't be announcing its lineup until Monday - that's all the time in the world to make something happen. 

   Sources say there's certainly nothing to announce at the moment, but a series - and here we sail off into the seas of speculation - would supplant, or at least supplement, the long-in-development movie that fans have long been waiting for. That movie is believed to be on hold, in part because  Howard Gordon - who was writing/developing - is so busy elsewhere, notably on a third season of Showtime's celebrated "Homeland." 

  Is Kiefer Sutherland on board? ("Touch" was cancelled earlier this afternoon by Fox; sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This was a good series.) Another unknown.  

  Meanwhile, this could also be one of those big teases that Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly drops on the restless crowd - just after he announces a new "fix" for "Idol" - at the Beacon on Monday. "24 is coming back!"  The crowd will love the idea - except that it may only be an idea for the time being.  

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