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Kesha MTV reality doc in April (gulp)

Best new artist nominee Ke$ha arrives at the

Best new artist nominee Ke$ha arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 12, 2010. (Credit: AP )

Kesha -- I refuse in principle to use that silly "$" in her name, as in Ke$ha, so there Ms. Sebert -- will star in her own reality show on MTV this April. It is to have a limited run.

What to expect from this? If the brief clip below is any indication, nothing good. Lock the kids away or throw away the TV set. But Kesha's hot right now, so good luck with that. (I believe her memoir is doing well too -- “My Crazy Beautiful Life” -- which kind of begs the question, how can someone who's only 25 have a memoir?) This was, by the way, technically announced Monday night but for some reason, MTV is just getting around to the release now. By the way, it was shot more than two years ago, with her brother, Lagan, as EP. Meanwhile, here's what that release says:   

“Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life,” following music superstar Ke$ha (Ke$ha. Artists. MTV) as she navigates the drama, madness and euphoria of her professional and personal life while recording a new album and traveling the globe. Set to debut on MTV this April, the series will give viewers the opportunity to see Ke$ha under a completely, different spotlight.”

 And a bit  more . . .

With the show having been shot over the course of two years, viewers will actually witness the emotional and physical change that comes with fame. Throughout the series, Ke$ha strives to meet the expectations set by her initial success, while attempting to find love and have normal relationships while also growing more famous. The show explores family bonds, love, friendship, and the passion of an artist expressing herself through song. “

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