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Lifetime's 'Drop Dead Diva' canceled

From left, Kim Kardashian and April Bowlby in

From left, Kim Kardashian and April Bowlby in a scene from the season 4 premiere of the Lifetime series, "Drop Dead Diva." (Credit: AP)

One might say that even Kim Kardashian couldn't save “Drop Dead Diva" -- or one could say that she hastened its demise -- but whatever argument you chose, the result is the same: “DDD” will not return for a fifth season, Lifetime said Tuesday.

The show starred the especially talented (of considerable stage accomplishment) Brooke Elliott as a deceased model trapped in a lawyer's body, and did quite well for Lifetime over its four-year run. But obviously not well enough.

Kardashian was added last season, and there had been other gimmick casting moves over the years as well (Paula Abdul -- remember? Brandy, Joan Rivers...). At least one prominent website -- -- says the producer may try to sell the show elsewhere, so Jane may yet live again.

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Check out last summer's promo with KK. You are left to wonder whether this galvanized fans or turned them off.

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