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Lindsay Lohan pulls out of Barbara Walters' '20/20' chat, reports say

Lindsay Lohan arrives at a Mr. Pink Ginseng

Lindsay Lohan arrives at a Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Oct. 11, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Surprise (not): Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of the scheduled interview with Barbara Walters, according to various websites, as reports surface that she may be charged for lying to police following that car accident over the summer.

Deadline first reported early this morning that Lohan had reneged -- and it really was to be expected. Doubtless, Lifetime and Lohan originally saw this as a golden opportunity to spin the ongoing Lohan tale in a way that would both primp the Nov. 25 telecast of "Liz and Dick" and cast her narrative as another one of those Lindsay-on-the-road-back narratives.

After all, her chat with Matt Lauer, just before her "SNL" appearance, was a success, and Lohan does have a (reportedly) good relationship with Walters, so why not.

Nevertheless, there is always so much baggage to unpack whenever it comes to Lohan that even "Entertainment Tonight" or "Extra" -- the puffiest of interview celeb shows -- couldn't avoid some of the obvious questions. Were you, ummm, really driving that day? Did your dad really try to intervene a couple weeks ago?  Have you fallen off the wagon? What was that fight with mom all about? All those even before this — "what was it like to play Liz ... ?" 

This all just gets either sadder and sadder -- or dumber and dumber.

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