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Matt Damon finally gets his revenge: Kidnaps Jimmy Kimmel

Actor Matt Damon arrives for the 82nd Academy

Actor Matt Damon arrives for the 82nd Academy Awards Sunday in Hollywood. (March 7, 2010) (Credit: AP )

One of the ongoing "feuds" of late night TV involves Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel invited the star to his show, only to make him cool his jets in the green room. The talk show host finally gets to him after the last commercial break to say something like, "And now, Matt Damon! Oh, sorry, we've run out of time. Next time pal." 

So tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Damon gets his revenge. Here's a sneak peak, followed by a clip of the history of this dispute. (Oh yes, and Damon is in "Les Miz.")

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