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Matt Lauer not happy with 'Today' status quo

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer (Credit: AP Photo)

Interesting interview with Matt Lauer on CNN - that's right, CNN - last night, conducted by Donny Deutsch - that's right, Donny Deutsch. (To which you or I would ask: Why not on MSNBC?)

 In any case, Matt said a lot of interesting stuff, and I'd encourage you to watch this nice three minute clip; he insists the reports claiming he made $25 million per year under his new contract were absolutely false. Because I was one of the first to report that figure, I take no umbrage - the exact figure was probably closer to $26 million. What's a million or two? (Other reports have said signficantly higher.)  

 In any case, Matt talked about his concern about the show, where it is right now, and what he hopes to happen....


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