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New 'Survivor:' Is blood thicker than water after all?

Name: Tina Wesson Won: Australian Outback After show:

Name: Tina Wesson
Won: Australian Outback
After show: Wrote a book called "Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love."
(Credit: AP)

"Survivor" returns Sept. 18 with a  twist -- or at least a question: Can love survive "Survivor?" The new cast has just been announced, and it includes spouses, betrothed, and various family members with various filial relations also on board.

"Blood Vs. Water:" What else should it be called?

(Also back next season -- "Redemption Island," where ejectees nurse their wounds and plot their comebacks.)

Jeff Probst actually announced the twist during a radio program in the spring, but the names were not revealed then. These include Rupert Boneham, who's made something of a career of "S" returns -- while the other half comprises of their spouses, lovers, or family members. For example: Colton Cumbie of "One World" is back ... with his fiance, Caleb Bankston. And another surprise: Former "Big Brother" winner Hayden Moss is on the new edition too, in something of a rare cross-polination for two of TV's genesis reality series that bowed so many years ago...

 And Gervase Peterson is here; who remembers Gervase? From the memorable first season, of course. He's here with his niece...  

The list:

DATING:  Tyson Apostol/ Rachel Foulger

Age: 34 / Age: 33

Provo, Utah/ Provo, Utah

He: Former pro cyclist/Shop manager, "Survivor: Tocantins," 2nd Jury member Heroes vs. Villains, 6th Voted Out

She: Cocktail waitress, graphic designer

BROTHERS:  Aras Baskauskas/ Vytas Baskauskas

Age: 31 /Age: 33 Santa Monica, Calif. / Santa Monica, Calif.

Vytas: Yoga instructor/Math professor

Aras: Musician, "Survivor: Panama – Exile Island," Winner

MARRIED:  Rupert Boneham / Laura Boneham

Age: 49 / Age: 44

Indianapolis, Ind./ Indianapolis, Ind.

He: Mentor for troubled teens, "Survivor: Pearl Island," 2nd Jury member All Stars, 6th Jury member, Winner Fan-Favorite Heroes vs. Villains, 7th Jury member

She: Merchandizer

MARRIED:  Candice Cody / John Cody

Age: 30 / Age: 30

Washington, D.C. / Washington, D.C.

She: Physician, anesthesiology, "Survivor: Cook Islands," 5th Jury Member Resident Heroes vs. Villains, 5th Jury Member

He: Resident physician, Army orthopedic surgery

MARRIED: Monica Culpepper / Brad Culpepper

Age: 42 / Age: 44

Tampa, Fla. / Tampa, Fla.

She: Former NFL Wife, homemaker,  "Survivor: One World," 5th Voted Out

He: Attorney, former NFL player (Bears)

ENGAGED: Colton Cumbie / Caleb Bankston

Age: 22 / Age: 26

Collinsville, Ala. / Collinsville, Ala.

Colton: Student teacher /farmer, "Survivor: One World," 6th Out – medically evacuated

Caleb: Post office manager, farmer

DATING  Kat Edorsson / Hayden Moss

Age: 23 Age: 26

Orlando, Fla. / Springtown, Texas

She: Full-time student/sales,  "Survivor: One World," 6th Jury Member

He: Real estate

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Laura Morett / Ciera Eastin

Age: 43 / Age: 24

Salem, Ore. / Salem, Ore.

Laura: Co-owner of Morett Construction, "Survivor: Samoa," 3rd Jury Member

Ciera: Cosmetology student

UNCLE AND NIECE: Gervase Peterson / Marissa Peterson

Age: 43 Age: 21

Philadelphia, Pa. / Chapel Hill, N.C.

He: Cigar lounge owner, "Survivor: Borneo," 3rd Jury Member

She: Student

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Tina Wesson / Katie Collins

Age: 52 / Age: 25

Robbinsville, N.C.  / New York, N.Y.

Tina: Motivational speaker, "Survivor: Australia," Winner All Stars, 1st Voted Out

Katie: Hedge fund support

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